Prevent Suicide Spokane Coalition


To reduce suicide attempts and rates in Spokane County.



By 2022, the Prevent Suicide Spokane Coalition will have a clear operational strategy from which they will have provided early investment in children and families, created a community invested towards connectedness, shifted community and cultural norms, improved the spectrum of care, decreased access to lethal means, and built compassionate and robust aftercare in order to reduce the suicide and attempted suicide rates in Spokane County.


PSSC Members/Partners: 



American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)

AFSP is a nationwide organization to provide Education, Research, Advocacy, and Awareness to Suicide Prevention. Locally we are able to provide printed material, free education presentations, Healing Conversation which allows a survivor to be connected to one of our volunteer survivors  helping  with the grief process. The chapter hosts over 12 awareness events each year. The events provide a sense of community and allows for connection. AFSP can cover the cost of evidence based research  gatekeeper training. We constantly have new programs and services.

Justine McClure




Community outreach and engagement & Ferry County SP program.

Reese Holford


Daybreak Youth Services


Daybreak operates an Evaluation & Treatment Suicide prevention unit that helps provide services for youth with acute mental health needs. Additionally the unite provides medication management.  Suicide Education & Prevention.

Aislinn Lautenbach


East Valley Community Coalition


Focus on community education/Connection. Mental health Promotion and Suicide prevention education in collaboration with Substance use Prevention with youth

Kirsten Fuchs


Eaton Arrowsmith Schools

I’m doing business development and oversight for our 3 onsite schools. We provide cognitive intervention programs for those with learning difficulties, attentional disorders, executive fxn weakness, etc.  Primarily our work is in improving the brains higher order networks to improve learning capacities for ages 10 up through adulthood

Chris Wherity


Excelsior Wellness Center


Coach other WISe Care Coordinators at Excelsior while also carrying a caseload.  Provide connection to community resources in the area that program participants can access.

Jeff Bovee


FailSafe for Life and WSU Health Sciences


FailSafe for Life:  QPR and ASIST trainings, 3 hour suicide recognition and referral (meets state requirements), 1 hour mental health matters (has been adapted for COVID and Native communities), MAYlers for Hope in May, Kindness Campaign in September, host screenings of documentaries on suicide, provides materials for trainings and at community events on suicide prevention and postvention, partner with Safer Homes coalition on means safety. 

WSU: mental health counseling, outreach to staff, faculty, and students.

Sabrina Votava


Frontier Behavioral Health Crisis Response Director


Director of the Designated Crisis Responders at FBH. Trained in QPRT and QPR (adult and minor).

Stacey Okihara (replacing Staci Cornwell)


Healthy Ferry County Coalition (HFCC)


Suicide Prevention Training for all Ferry County residents (QPR)

Dave Iverson


Lutheran Community Services Northwest


Outpatient mental health counseling, victim/legal advocacy and education for victims of crime, youth advisory board using the curriculum

Sean Wright & Jenn Davis Nielsen


Martin Hall Juvenile Detention


ASIST Trainer  2 day Teaches 16 years old and up how to complete an intervention.  I also speak to businesses about suicide resources.  I teach suicide prevention to teens in corrections.

Melody Youker



We have SI screening and care protocols for our outpatient and inpatient services in the INW. We partner with students to perform QI/PI work and are continuing to add to our mental health services to better support these needs.

Samantha Clark


MultiCare/Gonzaga University


Working as a student to evaluate a suicide ideation gatekeeper training at Deaconess Emergency Hospital.

Jacqueline Kramlich



MultiCare Deaconess Hospital – Administrative Resident


 ED Behavioral Health, projects in works to increase access to safer crisis care.

 Jamie Gaarder


NAMI Spokane (The National Alliance on Mental Illness)


I’m the programs and outreach coordinator - I help schedule our programs and reach out to volunteers and participants for our programming. All of our programming deals with mental health and includes a conversation about suicide. I am specifically trained in and am a state trainer for our Ending the Silence presentation (we have one for students as well as one for families and one for staff) and in each of these we talk about suicide, recognizing the warning signs, and what to do when you do. I would like to expand the work we do around suicide especially with the effects the quarantine has had on youth.

Amanda Kaplan




Many programs within the hospital setting along with partnerships to avoid non emergent hospital admissions

Sara Clements-Sampson



Providence St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Medical Center


I work as a neuropsychologist with individuals with disability (primarily acquired but also congenital) in the community, and St. Luke’s wanted to support local suicide prevention efforts so I joined the coalition.  I don’t have a lot to offer the organization, but would love to help how I can!

Alicia Hegie


Shadle Prevention and Wellness Coalition


Focus on community education/Connection. Mental health Promotion and Suicide prevention education in collaboration with Substance use Prevention with youth.

Grace Wilkowski



Provides twi-fold cards at no cost to NEWESD101 for distribution at suicide prevention trainings; provides a booklet at no cost titled Grieving Resources (these resources are also available on the website). Responds to inquiries from a variety of arenas, including national contacts; supports NEWESD 101's suicide prevention trainings and Youth Mental Health First Aid trainings. 

Mona Griffin 


Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office

Collection and dissemination of data on completed suicides.

Veena Singh



Spokane Falls Community College


I am faculty and  a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  I lead campus psychological services at SFCC and serve as the Department Chair for the Advising & Counseling Department.

Shawna Shelton


Spokane Public Schools Behavioral Health Program

Spokane Public Schools Behavioral Health Program offers outpatient behavioral health treatment. We screen, assess and treat concerns about self harm, suicidal ideation and offer trainings on prevention and early intervention. As a district, we also have a uniform screening tool that helps direct questions, teaming of the needs/wants and how to re-engage students and families. 

 David Crump 


SRHD CAN Health & Wellness


As a Community member I will help as needed. As a provider, I hope to assist coalition with supporting preventative events, and resources for all.

Dora Dajnowicz


Unite Us


Connection to community resources. 

Bethiah Streeter


Washington State University College of Nursing

Community-centered research on access to mental health services in rural communities; grant-writing.

Janessa Graves


West Spokane Wellness Partnership


Prevention education to include substances, mental health promotion, and Suicide prevention education.

Sarah McNew