Science Kit Cooperative


The NEWESD 101 Science Kit Cooperative wanted to pass on some updates on some exciting changes we have in the works to assist with your science education for fall. See link(s) below for current information that has been shared with our participating districts.


Any public or private school district residing in the NEWESD 101 region is eligible to join our Science Kit Cooperative. 

We currently serve approximately 200 teachers and over 800 students in 22 districts (28 buildings) throughout the NEWESD 101 region.

Our goal is to provide quality  hands-on materials and professional development that allow for successful implementation of the Next Generation science standards (NGSS) in the Physical, Earth and Life science strands with a STEM focus.

Participating districts purchase a share in the kits which are rotated among different schools throughout the year on a trimester-based schedule. This sharing of ownership of the helps make hands-on science more equitable across all of our districts. 

In addition to the regular kits, teachers in grades K-5 also have access to extension and engineering kits.

Students are more engaged and focused when working on hands-on investigations - even those who fidget during larger group sessions. This style of learning helps all types of learners, from kinesthetic to social to tactile. The investigations “hook” the students and make them want to learn.

We would love the opportunity to discuss our program with you and see how we might be able to work together.

Erik Wolfrum, Director
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Beth Worthy, Science Kit Program Manager
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