NEWESD 101 snapshots - Aaron Miles

By Steve Witter
Where did you meet your spouse? If you turn that into a “Can you top this” question, Aaron Miles always wins for the most creative and unlikely place. It was on the field of competition or, more accurately, the court of competition. 

Miles and his wife Lyndi met on a basketball court in Bozeman, MT where both were enrolled at Montana State University.

Lyndi, a former basketball star at Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, was a scholarship player and starter on the Montana State women’s basketball team. Aaron, a 6-foot-4 former high school player, was part of a men’s team recruited to periodically scrimmage the women’s squad.
A first date followed but not to dinner or a movie. These two were competitive. They played tennis. Between the two venues, Aaron says he committed no flagrant fouls or double faults. The pair hit it off and married in 2012. 

Following graduation, a career start in Montana and post-graduate studies at Linfield College in Oregon, the expanded Miles family, now including daughter Tayla, is back in Lyndi’s hometown. In February, Aaron joined NEWESD 101 as a staff accountant.

It’s a great job for someone who loves budgets as much as basketball. Why? They both involve statistics, analysis and attention to detail. Whether calculating fringe benefit costs or field goal percentages, you gotta love the numbers, he says. 

But back to the beginning. Who won those early contests on the basketball and tennis courts? It’s a state secret, Aaron says. He will never tell.