About NE Washington Information Service Center (NEWISC)

School Information Services are provided through the NE Washington Information Service Center (NEWISC). We are a cooperative providing software support and training to local member districts. Skyward's Qmlativ Education Management System and My School Data are provided through the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC). The School Information Services main page, by clicking the heading on the left, contains our contact information. 

Qmlativ encompasses two product lines: a Student Information System (SIS) and School ERP (Finance and Human Resources).

The NE Washington Information Service Center is one of seven regional service centers located in Washington. The NEWISC supports 67 school districts; public, charter and private, and the NEWESD 101 agency. Sixty-five (65) utilize the Skyward School Management System for BOTH Student and Fiscal/Human Resources. 

The Fiscal/Human Resources staff supports the fiscal and human resource applications of the Skyward School Business Suite such as general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, purchasing, warehouse, payroll, personnel, and statewide reporting.

The Student staff supports the use of the Skyward Student Management System for student scheduling, grading, attendance, special education, fee management, health records, and statewide reporting.

Cooperative Coordinators and support personnel provide ongoing technical support, workshops, and training for all facets of the Skyward School Management System, Washington State reports, and My School Data.

In addition to the services of the software support staff, our System Support Specialists provides all non-software support to districts. They are available to develop customized Crystal Reports, provide support on printing issues, and assist in troubleshooting network connection issues. They are also responsible for transferring files to other state agencies and banking institutions; and printing and assembling district output, like warrants and report cards, for daily shipment and/or pickup at NEWESD 101.