COVID-19 Test Distribution - January 2022

COVID-19 Test Distribution - January 2022
Posted on 01/24/2022

There was a huge effort last week to get COVID-19 tests distributed throughout the state's nine ESD regions to support school-based testing programs and the continuation of sports and other extracurricular activities.

Locally, NEWESD 101's Assistant Superintendent (Operations & Technical Services) Kassidy Probert and COVID-19 Testing Coordinator Amy Lutz worked diligently to distribute approximately 39,000 tests to districts across northeast Washington's seven-county region. 

Superintendents Brian Talbott (East Valley SD) and Shawn Woodward (Mead SD) aided the ESD's efforts by sending trucks to Moses Lake to pick up orders for our region. 

A colossal thanks is owed to these regional superstars and also to Heather Drummond, Department of Health Testing branch manager and Sarah Sutton, director of school programs with the Health Commons Project for all of their work to deliver testing supplies statewide. 

Item posted: January 24, 2022