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Since its founding in 2002, NEWEC has focused most heavily on NEWESD programs targeting curriculum and instruction (including STEM education, school-to-work and high school re-entry).

These ongoing efforts have succeeded in helping students complete high school, prepare for college and train for careers.

Additional Council priorities include:

At-risk programs
Career/Technical Education
Crisis assistance
Early childhood education
Educational technology
Gifted education
Juvenile detention services

Prevention program
School financial services
School nursing
School reform/improvement
Special education
Staff professional development

Long-term plans also include development of a philanthropic program that will include: scholarships for needy students and educational stipends for teachers to continue their education and training.





Council's goal: Build opportunity for kids

State "core" funding of ESDs in Washington has been declining for more than a decade. In 2020, "core" funding totaled only about 5 percent of the overall NEWESD 101 budget. The remaining 95 percent was derived from competitive grants, cooperatives and fees for service.

To compensate for declining state revenue in a time of rising need, NEWEC was formed to help diversify and stabilize funding for service to students and schools.

Ways to help

Gifts may be made to the Council in a number of ways including volunteerism, one-time donations, multi-year pledges, matching corporate gifts, endowments and bequests. Gifts options include:

• Cash

• Gifts in-kind (personal property)

• Securities

• Designated United Way donations

The Council is a 501(c)(3) public charity. That is an IRS designation that means the organization is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.


NEWEC mission statement

IRS 990-EZ statement, 2019

NEWEC funding guidelines
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