Technology Staff


Our highly qualified staff is ready to assist with any of your network, video conference, website and instructional technology support needs. 

For IT and Network Services Support, call 509.323.2780
For Instructional and EdTech, call 509.323.2734 


Technology Services Staff


Andy Jones
[email protected]

Matt Feider

Network Support Analyst
[email protected]

Josh Wyatt
Network Support Analyst
[email protected]t

Chandler Shannon
Network Support Analyst

picture of Matthew
Matthew Rux
Network Support Analyst
[email protected]

J Futch
Jarrett Futch
Network Support Analyst
[email protected]

Mike Nguyen 
Network Support Analyst
[email protected]

picture of Aaron
Aaron Hilfiker
Network Support Analyst
[email protected]


EdTech Staff

Steve Schreiner
Technology & Learning Coordinator
[email protected]

Debbie Stewart
Debbie Stewart
Educational Technology Specialist
[email protected] 



Programs at a Glance

Network Services Cooperative
Phone & online/remote support
On-site service packages available
Network monitoring & desktop assistance
Administrative services for small districts
Technology program reviews
Microsoft IT Academy courses

Instructional Resources Cooperative
District-wide access to online databases
Optional streaming media resources
Cooperative product purchases
Library/Media specialists collaboration

Educational Technology Services
PD workshops and webinars
Support for online learning development
Open Education Resources development
Technology Roundtables
Product demos and purchasing opportunities

K20 Video and Data Support
K20 bandwidth activity monitoring
Arrangements for increased bandwidth
Videoconference support and training
KORRS training and support

Newsletter and eMedia Design
Design and technical assistance for district newsletters and electronic publications

Website Support and Training
Technical assistance for Schoolwires sites
Graphics, media and site development

Computers 4 Kids Program
Distribution of refurbished computers

Internet Safety Programs
Train-the-trainer sessions for educators
Presentations for students, educators, parents, businesses and communities

Professional Development
Instructional technology integration
Online resources and Web 2.0 applications
Website development and design
Best practices for videoconferencing

Services by request
We are always glad to provide additional contracted support and training specific to your district's needs and mission. If you don't what you're looking for, please give us a call to discuss it!

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Instructional Technology Services
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