Unemployment Cooperative

Through this cooperative arrangement, 50 public school districts and NEWESD 101 receive professional, cost-effective informational and claims management services.; Claims management is handled through a third party administrator with accounting and reporting handled by NEWESD 101 staff.; Approximately 7,500 employees within the region are covered under this efficient model.

NEWESD 101 Contact:
Director - Business Services
Phone: 509-789-3743
Fax: 509-456-2999

Maximum Taxable Wages

NEWESD 101 Quarterly; Filing Instructions

NEWESD 101 Quarterly Form

Reasonable Assurance Information

Equifax Workforce Solutions - Who Are We?

For general unemployment information and questions for Washington State Unemployment, visit www.esd.wa.gov for unemployment info and tips

Check out the Unemployment Coop Guidance Handbook for more information or contact [email protected].

We welcome your input on Equifax services, so please take a moment to fill out the Equifax survey and forward it to [email protected] .

Thank you.



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