Comprehensive School Safety

Emergency Operations Planning

·       Assistance with preparing for, responding to, and recovering from any emergency, disaster, or crisis.(BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER all hazards emergency planning using the emergency management cycle: Prevention, Preparation, Mitigation, Protection, Response, and Recovery)

  •          Emergency Operation Plans include:

1.      The Basic Plan (legal foundation)

2.      Functional Annex (how to respond in an emergency)

3.      Hazard Annex (specific responses designed for identified hazards – all hazards planning)

4.      EOPs must be created with inclusivity in mind

  •          Standard Response Protocol: (A common language with shared expectations for schools, families, the community, and emergency responders.)

1.      Secure & Teach

2.      Lockdown

3.      Evacuate

4.      Shelter

5.      Earthquake

6.      Active Assailant

  •          Reunification Assistance
  •          Training & Exercise Assistance

HIB+Hazing Compliance Officer Training and Bullying Prevention for schools and districts (includes adjusted RCWs, updated definitions, and helpful resources.

School Safety Staff Training Program:

  •         13 topics to support the professional development of School Safety Staff, to include Law Enforcement Partners, Classified School Staff, and contracted private security firms. Developed using a state-wide focus group to provide a consistent and coordinated approach to developing the most effective, well-rounded, and supportive School Safety Staff able to proactively build relationships with students, staff, and families.

Comprehensive School Safety Site Assessments with ESD Safety Team:

  •         Site walk through to assess any immediate safety issues, plan for future site physical safety adjustments or upgrades and receive recommendations for improvements.