Index of Records

School District Budgets F195
School District Budget Extensions F200
School District Year End Financial Statements F196
School District Semi Annual Non-High Enrollments P213
ESD 101 and School District County Treasurer Statements F197 + OSPI file
ESD 101 Budgets F206
ESD 101 Year End Financial Statements F185
Regional Committee Elections and Members
Boundary Change Petitions
Boundary Change Orders
Boundary Change Order Notifications to County Authorities & Superintendents
Boundary Changes Adjustments of Assets and Liabilities
Maps and Records of Boundary Changes
Maps and Records of ESD 101 and School District Director Districts
Levy Certifications of Second Class School Districts Sent to County Auditors
OSPIs School District Property Tax Levies
Directors Oath and Signature Forms Processed to County Auditors and OSPI
Listing of Superintendent Changes
ESD 101 Board of Directors Board Minutes & Resolutions
ESD 101 Policy Manual
ESD 101/ESD 101 Educational Association Collective Bargaining Agreement
ESD 101 Accident Prevention Program
School Districts and Educational Service Districts General Records Retention Schedule

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