Purchasing Options

These are three ESD-sponsored purchasing programs that provide purchasing options on a variety of educational materials at significant cost savings. Before you purchase hardware, software, classroom devices or student services, take a look at what DigitalEdge, Washington Learning Source (WLS) and Washington Student Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC) have to offer.

Purchasing Options

Visit www.DigitalEdge.ESD112.org to browse the entire catalog.

Educational technology, wireless mobile devices and audio-visual solutions at significant cost savings

The DigitalEdge program provides contracts on educational technology and audio-visual solutions that are competitively bid and made available to K-12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, public libraries, regional service agencies, state departments, and other governmental agencies in twelve western states.

Now in its twelfth year, the DigitalEdge purchasing program has saved purchasers an average of 17% on their instructional technology costs. Now you can take advantage of these savings, too! Membership is free, but an interlocal agreement is required to take advantage of their bids.

Available products include

    Wireless devices – Chromebooks, laptops, tablets
    Interactive iPad solutions
    Document cameras
    LCD projectors
    Flat panel displays
    Interactive whiteboards
    Wireless response systems
    ...and more!

DigitalEdge is administered by Educational Service District 112.

Purchasing Options

Visit www.walearningsource.org to browse the entire catalog.

The Washington Learning Source (WLS) is a collaboration of the state’s nine educational service districts that provides a central location for educational resources. Educators can take advantage of the most requested and in-demand commercial products and services on the market, including administrative and instructional products, online learning opportunities for students and staff, software, and equipment. Valuable support services are also offered by the ESDs.

Products and Services

WLS works with vendors to provide the best possible prices. Most products are competitively bid and there are no exclusive vendors. All districts have equal access to products and services whether they are large or small and regardless of their location. On the WLS site you will find several product categories, including:

Software: Graphics editing, web development, productivity, educational, and utility software
Online Learning: Professional development and student online curriculum
Equipment: Wireless equipment for establishing connectivity

Most-requested and in-demand commercial products and services
Products available at significant savings through statewide negotiated agreements
Purchases meet state competitive bid laws
Administrative and instructional products such as online learning courses, software, and hardware
Centralized website with an easy-to-use shopping cart interface

Membership is Free!
To become eligible for purchasing, school districts may complete a no-cost access subscription agreement which serves as an interlocal agreement between the school district and WLS. Once a member, a distict can take advantage of reduced rates on hundreds of products! To subscribe, visit www.walearningsource.org.

Purchasing Options

Visit wsipc.org/products/ and wsipc.org/services/ browse the entire catalog of products and services.

Washington Student Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC) is a non-profit cooperative that provides technology solutions, services, and support to K-12 public and private schools. Membership includes 9 Educational Service Districts and more than 280 school districts, who represent nearly 730,000 students in over 1,500 schools throughout Washington State.

Member Benefits
Members receive a powerful line-up of student, business, HR, and reporting applications, along with an array of premium technologies. WSIPC’s innovative structure is designed to help schools do more with every dollar, making us an invaluable investment that will grow with your school’s needs.

Member Services
Support and Training: Receive exceptional service, support and training. Our experts specialize in Skyward administrative software to facilitate K-12 operations and meet legislative mandates.

Data and Assessment: Empower your district. My School Data provides quick access to student information in an easy-to-use dashboard format. Utilize the Early Warning System to identify at-risk students.

Purchasing Program: Save time and money. We negotiate pricing with qualified partners to offer premium software, hardware, support, and services for the lowest prices in the state. Additionally, we offer a variety of qualified technology partners selected through competitive bid in compliance with RCW 28A.335.190. Through our contracts, K-12 districts and other educational and government agencies have the ability to purchase items at substantial discounts.

For more information on becoming a WSIPC member, contact Tim Colliver, [email protected], 789-3584.

NEWESD Purchasing Programs

The technology department continues to manage bulk purchasing for subscriptions of Adobe Creative Cloud sus and Veeam backup systems for our region. If you'd like to know more about any of these services, contact Andy Jones, [email protected], 509.323.2780.

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