[K-2] Standing Up: It's About Respect

Students learn how to show respect online and what to do if they encounter rude behavior.

Lesson topics include: online vs. face-to-face communication; the concept of tone; ways to show kindness to others; asking for help; and communicating clearly and respectfully.

Teacher Guide to Standing Up: It's About Respect

Student Guide to Standing Up: It's About Respect

Additional lesson resources, including links to pre-lesson activities, student polls, follow-up activities, and "Extend the Lesson" materials, are available at the bottom of the page.

Video: Part 1 (10:42)
Video: Part 2 (7:41)
Video: Part 3 (below)

Additional Resources

Video for Pre-Lesson Activity - "A Message from Clicky and Alyson Stoner" from NetSmartz

Student Poll #1 - What's the best reason to use emoticons when you send messages online?

Student Poll #2 - If you were sending a message about your family pet's new trick, what would be a good subject for that message?

Video for Follow-Up Activity - "It's OK to Tell" from NetSmartz

"Extend the Lesson" Materials - "Show Respect Online" from Common Sense Media

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