Pupil Transportation

School BusRegion V transportation services are provided to 65 school districts in Eastern Washington, including all 59 districts within NEWESD 101. Duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Assist districts with route surveys & schedule route evaluations upon request. 
  • Provide transportation information regarding persons with disabilities.
  • Advise districts on rules and regulations & assist with transportation policies.
  • Provide information regarding driver training.
  • Review district reports and submissions to OSPI.
  • Develop school bus specifications & review school bus purchases.
  • Review bus inspection reports, calculate compliance, and send evaluations to districts.
  • Advise districts regarding appropriate inventory systems & controls.
  • Assist OSPI in development of the maintenance and administration manuals for statewide district use.
  • Administer state data collection for transportation funding.
  • Act as liaison in development of cooperative programs.
  • Assist districts with transportation budgeting. 
  • Assist state transportation directors in areas such as development of state reporting and bus driver training. 


Eric Engle, Regional Transportation Coordinator, Region 5
(509) 789-3558, [email protected]
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