Teacher of the Year

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.  ~ Henry Brooks Adams

Teacher of the Year

Nominations are now open.
Nominations due by March 1, 2024.


For more information on on the Teacher of the Year program see the
OSPI Teacher of the Year page here.

 NEWESD 101 Regional Teacher of the Year 

 Picture of Mimi DissmoreMadison Dissmore
 Lincoln Middle School
 Pullman School District

  A full story on Madison will be coming soon.



How is the Teacher of the Year selected?

Washington's educational service districts each select a Regional Teacher of the Year. The state selection committee chooses one of these Regional Teachers of the Year as the Washington State Teacher of the Year. The committee uses the written application, interviews, and a mock keynote to decide which candidate best exemplifies the Teacher of the Year criteria:

  • The teacher has the respect and admiration of their colleagues.
  • The teacher is an expert in their field who guides students of all backgrounds and abilities to achieve excellence.
  • The teacher collaborates with colleagues, students, and families to create a school culture of respect and success.
  • The teacher deliberately connects the classroom and key stakeholders to foster a strong community at large.
  • The teacher demonstrates leadership and innovation in and outside of the classroom walls that embodies lifelong learning.
  • The teacher expresses themselves in an engaging and articulate way.

What does the Regional Teacher of the Year do?
  • Attend a long weekend (Friday-Monday) of interviews, leadership retreat and awards ceremony.
  • Complete a collection of teacher tales to be shared with legislators, educational leaders and other stakeholders.
  • Travel the state and their regions to share their expertise with community groups, businesses,
    government officials and future teachers.
  • Identify and advocate for educational issues of particular interest to them.
  • Receive small cash awards and additional prizes in recognition of their achievements.


What does the State Teacher of the Year do?

  • Represent the state at all required National Teacher of the Year events including several national
    leadership conferences and the national recognition week in Washington, D.C.
  • Serve as the Teacher-in-Residence for Washington's Teacher of the Year program January - June.
  • Respond to and fulfill Teacher of the Year speaking requests, presentations, etc.
  • Sit on the Washington Teacher Advisory Council (WATAC) leadership team and help plan the spring convening.
  • Identify and take on at least one statewide initiative and carry out activities to support it.
  • Design and carry out a personal communication plan to include a social media and web presence,
    traditional media strategy, and other publications.
  • Network with teacher preparation programs across the state.

Teacher of the Year Coordinator
Mary Kempel
(509) 456-2715
[email protected]

OSPI Teacher of the Year Information

Regional Teacher of the Year winners
2023 Gina Behrens, West Valley
2022 Rebecca Adderson, Pullman
2021 Devin Bauer, Nine Mile Falls
2020 Analisa McCann, Central Valley
2019 Susan Douglas, Almira
2018 Mandy Manning, Spokane
2017 Tim Larson, Odessa

2016 Alecia McAdams-Sing, Nine Mile Falls
2015 Linda Carney, Spokane
2014 Jeffrey Dunn, Deer Park
2013 Monte Syrie, Cheney
2012 John Hagney, Spokane
2011 Jeff Wehr, Odessa
2010 Jim Loucks, West Valley
2009 Dave Gamon, Mead
2008 Tammy Mendoza, Tekoa
2007 Mike Anderson, St John-Endicott
2006 Karen Azzinnaro, Cheney
2005 Kathi Tribby-Moore, NEWESD 101
2004 Dennis Griner, Palouse
2003 Cheryl Johnson, West Valley
2002 Don Baribault, Northport
2001 Judith Lancefield, Pullman
2000 Marv Sather, Riverside
1999 Steve Bernard, Central Valley
1998 Janelle Campasino, Riverside
1997 Dave Quistad, Colville

Washington Teacher of the Year Winners from the NEWESD 101 Region
2018 Mandy Manning, Spokane
2004 Dennis Griner, Palouse
2000 Marv Sather, Riverside
1985 Gary Johnson, Pullman
1980 Shelia Bell, Central Valley
1971 Anthony Antonucci, Spokane
1966 Martha Jones, Pullman
1965 Anne Stilson, Oakesdale

National Teacher of the Year Winner from the NEWESD 101 Region
2018 Mandy Manning, Spokane


Teacher with two students writingTeacher with music stduentsTeacher with two students reading

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